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My Blog’s Purpose: Exploring the Human Side of Business Deals

Welcome! I’m hosting this blog to provoke thought and create discussion around various topics that are part of my professional life.

Stephen Dietrich Blog

The purpose is not to provide legal or business advice. Instead, my posts will:

  • Reflect on my two plus decades career as a mergers and acquisition attorney and business advisor
  • Focus on issues I find compelling in the industries in which I have significant experience
  • Present my observations and thoughts on the human dynamic in business matters, especially those involving the use of legal counsel

I find that the human component of business can be understood best by looking through both a personal and a professional lens. For this reason, my posts will include personal thoughts that arise in these contexts and hopefully spark ideas of your own.

A Focus on Retail Automotive Mergers and Acquisitions

With my background and experience, I bring unique insights to the mergers and acquisitions world as well as the singularly interesting world of retail automotive. In my time working in the automotive retail world, I have come to understand and greatly appreciate not only how an auto dealership is a distinct and complex set of businesses; but also how difficult it is to successfully run one, much less a group of ten, twenty or more. The car dealership is not just one business, but several, and each aspect requires a different view of the world and a different skill set to be successful.

It is a special person who is able to operate a car dealership and, as I have discovered, a very special person who can operate one profitably. Given this unique industry and my involvement over a long period of time, I plan on sharing interesting aspects of the dealership world and shedding some light on challenges my clients and colleagues in the industry face as they conceptualize and execute deals and operate their businesses.

More generally, I will share thoughts on issues all businesses face in a merger/acquisition environment.

Exploring Internal and External Business/Human Dynamics

This blog will also reflect on human dynamics that are present that impact businesses, both internally and externally. There are multiple layers to successfully guiding a business through changing economic cycles and countless skills involved. I have been fortunate to work with numerous and diverse leaders through the years and have watched them and other business owners develop over time. As a life long observer and thinker by nature, I am fascinated by what affects business and what affects the people who make a company run, thrive and even fail. Some of my writings will reflect on lessons I learned and observations I have had and are likely to include some cautionary tales.

The Role of Fear and Anxiety in Business and Human Relations

Finally, I have a unique interest in fear and anxiety and the role they play in interpersonal relationships in the context of business dealings. These dynamics influence every person who is in a business environment and differ for each person, because each person brings individual perspectives to each unique situation. Through self-observation and self-testing over time in my own career and with my colleagues, clients and adversaries, I have learned that fear dynamics are ever-present, that they will affect business and that just being aware of them can be helpful in mitigating their impact. The role that fear and anxiety play in the world of business is a developing concept and is something I specialize in recognizing and helping my clients understand.

I look forward to engaging with you and I hope you find my topics interesting and thought provoking. Please engage me in healthy dialogue on the topics I raise and feel free to make suggestions, as I believe a conversation builds better knowledge and insight than does a lecture.

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About The Author: Stephen Dietrich is an attorney and author who has a passionate interest in the human side of business. His distinctive combination of legal and business knowledge, human insight, and dedication to clients makes him uniquely qualified to help corporate leaders and other C-level executives navigate high-value mergers and acquisitions, restructure transactions, and manage day-to-day operations. Through this blog, Stephen shares his extensive experience and unique personal and professional insights in the hope of stirring thought and dialogue that leads to ever deepening insights and understanding.


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