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    Executive Consulting & Advising

Executive Consulting & Advising

Of all the work Stephen does, advising executives is paramount in the majority of his engagements. In order to be successful at structuring a transaction or evaluating an investment, a bond of trust needs to develop. As projects unfold, it is vital to engage the company leader in discussions on how the project is progressing and on tackling hurdles that are present.

I have found that leaders welcome input on what advisors see or think about the dynamics in a situation, and then will take the next step to inquire on approaches or tactics to solving problems or addressing issues. Engaging in these conversations is not a matter of telling my clients what to do. I actually do the opposite. The value is in engaging in discussion on what to do and offering different viewpoints and potential paths.

It is not my role to make decisions for clients, rather my role is to try and provide clarity and observation. This is driven by legal training and informed by personal experience and observation of relational dynamics present in all business dealings. My executive consulting and advising provide depth to the tasks and projects I am asked to work on.”

Stephen Dietrich – Stephen Dietrich

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