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Stephen Dietrich focuses on advising business owners and management on significant transactions — including mergers and acquisitions. Often acting as outside general counsel, he advises clients on a variety of topics integral to day-to-day operations including vendor contracts, financing matters and internal organization and policies. In addition to relying on his own expertise and experience, Stephen manages teams of colleagues and resources to address the unique needs of his clients.

With respect to mergers and acquisition work, Stephen leads teams of attorneys, consultants and other professionals to achieve the goals and objectives of his clients. His unique expertise in the retail automotive mergers and acquisition space sets him apart from other attorneys with similar focus. Often, clients in the auto retail industry work with Stephen in other business ventures and industries as well.

Also setting him apart — Stephen has spent the last 20-plus years observing and noting the human element in action in transactions and company operations. As a result, he has a keen interest in understanding how people with all their quirks and uniqueness (including his own) can and do affect a supposedly sterile logic-driven environment.

What We Do

Through his interest and passion in relational dynamics in the business world, Stephen adds meaningful value to his representation of clients. His interest in these non-legal aspects of transactions and company operations allows Stephen to understand where friction may occur in a team or with opposing individuals.  This helps his clients to avoid unneeded drama, enables Stephen to better understand the opposition, and keeps the transaction on track to completion.

Stephen’s specific areas of experience include:

  • Automotive Dealerships — advising clients on the many facets of buying, selling and investing in automobile dealerships.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions — advising leaders and managing the process necessary to successfully buy or sell a business.
  • Organizational Structuring — advising investors or management on efficient and effective entity organization with an eye towards tax, liability and operational objectives.
  • Executive Consulting/Advising — for C-level executives, boards and investment professionals interested in evaluating personal and relational dynamics that affect company and individual performance.

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