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Understanding The Vetting Process to Choose an Attorney for Your Business

In my last post, “Hire an Attorney… When or Before You Need One?” I asked you to consider establishing a relationship with an attorney before you need one, so that when you need an attorney, you can hit the ground running.

Vetting Attorney

You can find plenty of attorneys online, in a phone book or through referrals from colleagues and trusted friends. After your collect your referrals, you face the challenge of having to choose which attorney is best for you. In this post, I lead you through one process of vetting your prospects.

Choosing an Attorney Who Meets Your Needs

The first step in vetting attorneys is to

Hire an Attorney… When or Before You Need One?

“Hire an attorney” are three words most new or early-stage business owners never want to hear. The phrase is commonly associated with being in trouble or experiencing frustration with an abundance of overly complicated paperwork required to perform what would appear to be a simple, straightforward deal or arrangement. As an attorney, I understand the reluctance to seek legal counsel… and to pay for it. I get it.

When to Hire a Lawyer

Reluctance is a normal reaction when anyone has to engage in a process or establish an unfamiliar relationship. Fear or anxiety at having to invest additional time, money, and effort to engage legal counsel when you are already investing time, money, and effort contributes to the reluctance. It is a fear of the unknown combined with dread of the known. Many people do not know what an attorney does or can do, and popular culture leads people to expect the worst.

Good News

In business, needing an attorney is often a